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We are so excited to announce a fresh and

new experience coming soon to Sea Whisper Guesthouse.

We have teamed up with a group

of empowered women, to bring  a rejuvenating

adventure to those who seek to reconnect.


Our Vision

We want to assist you in a complete reset

and re-alignment of your soul.

Grounding your emotions,

activating your free will

and by freeing your mind. 

We carry these energies

into the etheric body

through holistic cleansing,

creative play, rest and meditation,

for a full circle experience

towards your Abundant Life.

Release Your Mind

Inner peace starts within our minds,

through conscious connection,

we can slow down our thoughts

and bring ourselves more

into the present moment.

Treat Your Body

Rejuvenation is a key element

to our wellness and health,

the aspect of self care is a 

vitally important factor

to staying youthful, refreshed

and full of energy.

Listen to Your Soul

It's all about love, self love,

love for others and

love for all our experiences.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. 

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Kelly Tommelein - Physiotherapist - Lymp
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Abundant Life Retreat - Activities - Nat
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